A step by step guide to our sales process


Presenting the property to the market


An agreement is made between the vendor (property owner) and OwnersLink to sell a property. All necessary legal paperwork is signed and the relevant information is gathered.


If required, a professional photo shoot is organised. We arrange specialist styling and home staging to ensure the property is showcased in the best way. This includes internal and external photography.


The property is uploaded to the Ownerslink system and marketing materials are made instantly available to our network of affiliated agents. A newsletter is also sent out to let everyone know the property is available.


As an established and independent party, we are trusted by many clients to act as their sole key holder and representative when the property is vacant or the owner is not able to attend viewings.


The right buyer, the right price


Agents organise viewings of the property through OwnersLink. We ensure the property is made ready prior to the viewing. If requested, we qualify the potential buyer for suitability.


We attend the viewing with the agent and potential buyer(s). When the property is vacant, we can act as designated ‘key holder’. This means we are responsible for unlocking and securing the property.


This process is repeated until a suitable buyer is found and the desired price is agreed. During this process, we send the owner regular activity reports with feedback on the sales campaign and a market update.


If we believe there should be any changes to the sales strategy, we will be in touch with the owner to discuss. Otherwise we meet owners periodically or on request to review progress.


Complete the sale – safely and efficiently


When an offer is received, it is put in writing to us via the agent and then passed on to the owner. We discuss the merits of each offer with the owner and assist in the negotiation process.


All parties approve the sale agreement. OwnersLink, in close collaboration with the owner, contact lawyers to arrange the drawing up of contracts and other legalities.


We stay on hand in an advisory role, following the progress of the sale right to ensure the process runs smoothly.


We then attend the completion along with all relevant parties at the notary. The property is officially sold.