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Why it makes sense to work with OwnersLink

Become an affiliated agent

OwnersLink make it easier for agents to sell properties secure in the knowledge they will receive full commission for the sale. Affiliated OwnersLink agents benefit from the following:

  • Instant access to our database of high quality properties to present to your buyers.
  • Access to our Dropbox, which includes high quality photography and other marketing materials to compliment your own sales efforts.
  • A single local contact to deal with who has full knowledge of the property and can answer most questions immediately
  • Easy access for viewings on request (24 hours notice is normally required).
  • We ensure the property is made ready in advance so you can feel confident it will be well presented to the potential buyer.
  • An Ownerslink consultant is always present at viewings to assist you answer any questions and ensure a successful viewing.
  • Peace of mind knowing OwnersLink are NOT an agent, we do not sell properties directly and you receive full commission for the sale.

To register your company as an OwnersLink Affiliated Agent, please complete the following form. If you are already registered and need assistance, please contact us.


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